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Franklin Family Law

Michael R. Auger is an experienced and reliable family law attorney whose practice is located in the heart of Johnson County, Indiana, but who serves the greater Central Indiana area.  Michael has dedicated himself to becoming a preeminent family law attorney in Indiana by solely focusing his practice on that area of the law for the past ten years.  Michael works hard to provide provide quality and affordable family law services to the citizens of Greenwood, Indiana, and all of the counties surrounding Indianapolis, Indiana. Michael  and regularly practices in Johnson County, Marion County, Shelby County, Bartholomew County, Morgan County and all of the other surrounding counties in central Indiana.

Respect, Compassion, Sensitivity

Michael will treat you with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. He understands the complexities associated with your most difficult family law matters and will ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care. His hands-on approach will ensure that you are well informed and educated about all the legal options available to you.

Family CourtWhile Michael Auger has concentrated his practice in the area of family law over the past  ten years, he also has extensive experience with other legal areas including criminal and civil litigation.  Michael has assisted clients through jury trials and also has spent a portion of his career defending local governments and individuals in federal court.  He also has represented many clients on appeal before the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Supreme Court, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Michael R. Auger is one of the most experienced and reputable family law attorneys in the Franklin, Indiana area and is committed to helping you protect your rights while achieving results.  While many lawyers in the area of family law find ways to significantly complicate your case resulting in larger legal fees to you, Michael understands the various litigation tactics attorneys try to use and can help you understand and discuss the best way for you to proceed based on your circumstances and goals.

Schedule A Consultation With Michael R. Auger

Michael is dedicated to representing you aggressively while being mindful at all times of the emotional and financial cost that many litigation tactics can yield. Call 317-736-7174 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and to learn how he can help you.  Due to the overwhelming demand, Michael Auger now charges a nominal $50.00 consultation fee.  In the event that you hire him to represent you, that $50.00 will be applied to any additional retainer charged and the time for the Initial Consultation will not be bill, thus it remains “free.”  In the event you choose not to hire him, the $50.00 is all that is paid.