After nearly thirteen years of practicing only Family Law related matters, Michael Auger has decided to take a different direction in the practice of law and is now exclusively practicing Criminal Defense with The Criminal Defense Team of Baldwin, Perry & Kamish.  Michael R. Auger’s new telephone number is 317-736-0053.  He is very excited about this change in my career and appreciates all of the trust that the many people and families placed in him for the past many years in family law issues.  Michael R. Auger hopes that you will continue to place your trust in him in your family’s criminal law matters.

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As was the case with my representation of clients in Family Law matters, I continue to remain dedicated to representing you aggressively while being mindful at all times of the emotional and financial costs that criminal matters can entail.  Please call me at 317-736-0053 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and to learn how I can help you.